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Thyme and Again is Hiring!

Spring has sprung and we are busier than ever! Thyme & Again is looking for enthusiastic, friendly and outgoing people who are passionate about excellent customer service and superb food to join our team. Availability should be flexible, preferably weekdays, weekends, and evenings. Experience is necessary.

Full Time Food Retail Salesperson

Involves working in the fast-paced, high energy environment of our award-winning food shop.

We are looking for an experienced person who possesses strong communication skills, and a love of food and customer service.

Please submit your resume and cover letter to hr@thymeandagain.ca

Full Time Production Cook

Thyme & Again Creative Catering and Take-Home Food Shop is seeking a Production Cook to join our kitchen team.

The successful candidate will be a contributing member of the kitchen production team, using their strong communication skills to interact with retail and kitchen departments on a daily basis.

Job Requirements:

  • Responsible for the in house production of our Thyme & Again signature products including homemade soups, freezer main courses, hors d’oeuvres and jarred condiments.
  • Supplying support to the Executive Chef and strong culinary team, ensuring quality and consistency of product.
  • Prepare for next day’s catering and shop production
  • Prepare mise-en-place for daily production
  • Notify the Chef of daily and weekly food orders
  • Maintain a clean and orderly work space and fridge at all times
  • Do daily counts and inventories
  • Comply with Food Handlers and Safety requirements
  • Good interpersonal skills, organizational skills and the ability to work in a creative team environment and share resources and knowledge with others.

Please submit your resume and cover letter to hr@thymeandagain.ca

Cash Counter – small

Canada 150: In Search of Beauty

OPENING: Thursday, May 25, 2017 18:00-20:00

Through her career in film, Katherine Jeans has been conditioned to see the world at 24 frames a second.  To freeze a moment ultimately challenges my notion of what is perfection. This collection of flowers is part my continued search to find the ultimate moment of beauty.  Flowers have a higher purpose in life and I hope to challenge the viewers thinking to look beyond a beautiful flower but to share with you an ephemeral moment that can never be repeated. My titles are homage to being Canadian and how blessed I feel about the opportunity to create and share with you my passion. As an Existential thinker I search for universal beauty that can be observed in my art of what I feel is an existential moment.

Katherine is an award winning filmmaker and visual artist whose body of work is a life long exploration of the arts.Born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, she moved to Ottawa as a young girl, where she still resides today.  She is former partner and Vice-President of Sound Venture Productions, where she was the creative instigator for over 25 years, today Katherine balances her time between visual art and documentary making. Katherine’s interest lies in capturing the ephemeral moment of a moving image.  Her unique style has movement, depth and transparency that are historically connected to her vocabulary as a filmmaker. Her paintings are a personal selection of random freeze frames much like one would see in a dream or a moving picture.  She has been inspired by watching hundreds of hours of moving images in the editing suite.  It is these poignant flashes of beauty that she is interested in transforming as in-and-out-of-focus mysteries on canvas. Her work oscillates between painting and photorealism. She applies oil paint and mixed media in many different ways, pushing the boundaries of reality. Exploring many genres of painting has been a necessary evolution to sustain Katherine’s faith in art as one of the “highest forms of hope.” Many of her paintings have been featured in television series and movies in Canada and the US.

Canada 150: In Search of Beauty is on view at Exposure Gallery from May 25 -July 25, 2017

Canada’s Table

Ottawa 2017 Signature Event will showcase Canadian culinary excellence at a 1000-person open-air table on Wellington Street

On August 27th, an exciting dining experience will take place in the shadow of the Parliament buildings! Featuring a collaboration between 10 top local chefs and 10 top chefs from across Canada to create a four course dinner at a 1,000 foot open air table. In celebration of Canada’s 150th, this culinary experience will feature all Canadian products & will use Ottawa’s Sound & Light show as part of the final course.

“We’re excited to share our passion for exceptional food and service with guests at Canada’s Table. We look forward to partnering with Steven Beckta and Executive Chef Michael Moffatt and the talented chefs from across Canada and here in our city. This is a great opportunity for Thyme & Again to collaborate with our community and reinforce the strong support we all have for our local producers.” -Sheila Whyte.

Check out the Ottawa 2017 page on Canada’s Table here.

Sol Colibri Coffee


We are celebrating the month of May and the arrival of Spring the best way we know how – with coffee! Now in shop is delicious Sol Colibri coffee – a direct trade and organic blend. Sol Colibri Coffee represents hundreds of small, family-owned farms in the Dota region of Costa Rica.

Come grab a bag to take home – on sale now for $12!


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