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Hibernate - with us. Together let’s find ways to make the everyday more special. And eat some delicious food along the way!

Welcome to Hibernation Station

The key to hibernating is stocking up on feel good foods that make staying home the place to be! Whether it’s curled up with a good book, family game night, or watching your favourite movie, we  know that the right refreshments have everything to do with creating the right ambiance. Cozy, serene and comfortable – food that makes you feel joy from preparation to that first taste!

Look for these new products (& returning favourites) some available online —  others in shop only — with more cozy treats added each week!

All orders require 48 hours notice 

Stay Home, Take a Breath – Get Cozy!

Good food that makes you feel good – with more items coming each week!

Scrabble Sugar Cookies


Scrabble Sugar Cookies

Our famous sugar cookies that are a both a game and a treat!

Find the hidden phrase, 4 different phrases to un-scramble (1 per bag) 


Antipasto Spread


Antipasto Spread

Enjoy with chips, add to your charcuterie & cheese plate,  mix into pasta – limitless options!

French Onion Soup Kit


French Onion Soup Kit

Serves 2-4

Comes in 1 litre container with Quebec Brie & Mamie Clafoutis Demi Baguette + recipe to make the perfect crouton topper!




The Gift of Hibernation 

Share the gift of coziness with loved ones – or for some well deserved self care!

French 76 Kit


French 76 Kit including French 76 Cocktail Mix & Zonin Prosecco with candied lemon garnish & recipe card

Bring the outside – in!

Bringing greens and florals into the home are proven to help reduce stress and encourage relaxation. Find florals and cooking herbs at both locations. 

Hibernation Inspiration

Words and concepts to help you relax & centre during the winter months


[hue-gah] noun

a quality of coziness, comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment



[fee-kah] noun

a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life 



[law-gum] noun

a quality to describe something in just the right amount, or done in comfortable moderation


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