Elegant Entertaining

Whether traditional, modern, or eclectic – the food you’ll enjoy from us begins with fresh, quality ingredients.

May Elegant Entertaining Menu

All Elegant Entertaining Orders Must be Placed 72 Hours in Advance & Prepaid by Credit Card.


Artisan Cheese Platter


Local, Hand-Crafted Cheeses, House-Made Preserves, Dried Fruits & Nuts. Served with Baguette, Crisps & Crackers (V, N)

(Serves 15-20)


Charcuterie and Cheese Platter


Charcuterie & Cheese Platter

House-Made Pâté, Artisan Cured Meats & Cheeses, House Preserves, Pickles & Smoked Olives, French Baguette & House-Made Crostini

(Serves 15-20)


Local Charcuterie Platter


House-Made Pâtés, Artisan Cured Meats, House Preserves, Pickles & Smoked Olives, Crostini & Seed Crackers (GF, N) (Serves 8-10)

(Serves 8-10)

Vegetables, Pita Chips and Dips


Crisp Garden Vegetables, House-Made Pita Chips, Jalapeño Cheddar Dip (GF, V), Green Goddess Dip (GF, V) and Charred Lemon & Caper Dip  (V, GF)

Small Serves 15-20

Large Serves 35-40

Elegant Mini Desserts


Which May Include: Hand Rolled Chocolate Truffles (GF), Marshmallows (GF),Mousse Velvetines (GF), Mini Cupcakes, Coconut Macaroons (GF), Mini Squares, Mini Cookies, Cake Pops & Chocolate Brownie Cookies

Small (25 pieces)
Large (50 pieces)

Vegan Platter


Yam “Rillette”, Teardrop Peppers, Salted Eggplant, Orange & Walnut Pâté (GF, Vegan, N), Sweet & Sour Pearl Onions, Spiced Nuts, Dried Fruit Chutney, House-Made Pita Chips & Seed Crackers (GF, N) (Serves 6-8)

(Serves 6-8)

Smoked Fish Platter


House-Smoked Salmon, Smoked Trout Rillette, Smoked Fogo Island Cod, House-Smoked Salmon Pâté, House-Made Preserves, Pickled Red Onion & Horseradish Aioli, House-Made Crostini & Seed Crackers (Serves 8-10)

Chips & Dips Platter


Jalapeño Cheddar Dip (GF, V), Charred Lemon & Caper Dip  (V, GF), Green Goddess Dip (GF, V) and  House-Made Pita Chips & Seed Crackers (GF, N)

(Serves 6-8)

Cocktail Menu

Our Hors d’oeuvres menu is comprised of cold & warm savouries to create your ideal entertaining menu.

Heating & Build Instructions

Did you place an Elegant Entertaining order? Click  May Heating Instructions for all the information you need!




Instant Cocktail Menu for 20 (Lime Cured Salmon Pea Blini, Chicken & Asparagus Cup, Compressed Cucumber, Trout & Nduja Tart, Honey Balsamic Meat Balls, Wild Mushroom Flatbread)


Featuring Warm & Cold Savouries

  • Lime Cured Salmon, Pickled Mustard, Pea Blini
  • Chicken & Asparagus Salad in Savoury Cup
  • Compressed Cucumber, Sumac Shallots, Beet Molasses on Radish (GF, Vegan)
  • Trout Nduja Tart, White Cheddar, Chive Crème Fraiche W
  • Honey Balsamic Meat Balls, Scallions (GF, DF) W
  • Wild Mushroom Flatbread, Salsa Verde, Smoked Gouda, Red Pepper Coulis (V) W

$16.00 per person, for minimum of 20 people.




All menus are available for pick up from both locations.

Need menu advice? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Catering Department at 613 722 0093

Orders must be placed 72 hours in advance. 

Subject to availability, certain date restrictions may apply. 

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