Instant Cocktail Menu for 20 (Lime Cured Salmon Blini, Grilled Melon Taro Chip, Chicken Poblano Bites, Honey Balsamic Meatballs, Duck Confit in Savoury Cup)


Instant Cocktail Menu for 20:

Featuring Warm & Cold Savouries

  • Lime Cured Salmon, Pickled Mustard, Pea Blini
  • Grilled Melon, Min, Raisin, Olive RElish on Taro Chip (GF, Vegan)
  • Local Tomatoes, Tomato Tapenade, Sherry Reduction and Feta in Puff Pastry (V)
  • Chicken, Local Corn and Poblano Bites (DF) W
  • Honey Balsamic Meat Balls, Scallions (GF, DF) W
  • Duck Confit, Plum Chutney, Micro Sorrel in Savoury Cup W

$16.00 per person, for minimum of 20 people.



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