Beer Snack Nut Mix


Beer Snack Nut Mix

75 gram box available in three flavours

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Beer Snack Nut Mix

Beer Snacks International serves up delicious snacks inspired by international flavours, perfect for enjoying with fizzy beverages or beer. Their snacks contain vegan ingredients, and spices are carefully selected and ground in-house in Ottawa, Ontario.

Comes in 3 Flavours:


A flavourful, robust nut mixture, bound to have you coming back for more. With such a complex blend of spices, the Jerk mixed nuts pack a punch of flavour and slightly spicy finish.

Beer Nuts

A snack so loved! Simply sweet, simply addictive, enjoy these tasty peanuts with your favourite chilled fizzy beverage or by themselves. They also pair nicely with an aged spirit.


An exotic flavour adventure that’s both salty and savoury. Enjoy these garlicky peanuts with a beer or wine. Great for those looking something delicious, but not spicy.

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