NOW IN EXPOSURE: VALKYRIE, and the five stages

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OPENING: Wednesday, July 25, 2018 | 6-8 PM

A Valkyrie was, in Norse mythology, one of a group of warrior-type female figures who had the power to choose who would die or live in battle. Known as the “choosers of the slain”, only valkyries could control death.

In “Valkyrie and the Five Stages” the theme of death disconnects from the emotional and is explored from a scientific, clinical perspective. Fashion becomes the conduit to visually demonstrate 5 of its stages, which occur after the soul leaves the body.


Lucia Mugica is a photo based artist residing in Ottawa, Canada. Her work is taken on medium and large format. She uses photography to expose personal and human experiences. Her work conveys sensuality and intimacy, on one hand, and struggle and defiance, on the other. She is a graduate of the School of the Photographic Arts, Ottawa and her work has been exhibited at SPAO and the the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival (2017) in Toronto.

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